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Mindfulness Doesn't Have to Happen from Your Seat.

Mindfulness doesn't have to happen from your seat.

I see fields of green, sprinkled with purple, yellow, and white.

I hear the wind rolling through the plains; the birds and the crickets that encircle me; the rhythmic sound of my feet touching earth.

I feel the wind on my face; sun on my shoulders; my heart beating in my chest.

I feel alive.

I am here, now; showing up to this moment and all that it brings (including aches and pains, the occasional sound of aircraft "interrupting" my zen, mosquitos, and wet feet from a few puddles too large to cross without incident). An exercise in observation; observing the natural activity of my mind. Noticing beauty, gratitude, and judgment, and gently guiding my attention back to a place of curious, nonjudgmental awareness.

What moments do you wish to "show up" for today?


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